Tips for Restyling an Adult Halloween Costume into a Modest Halloween Costume

I thought it was just me, but I am starting to notice more chatter online about all the costumes that show waaaaay too much skin–it’s becoming accepted now as “normal”, even for teens. Crazy how some people use Halloween to push the boundaries. Not only does it seem that many of those costumes are inappropriate for public use, but isn’t it freezing in many locations by Halloween time? Wouldn’t you want to be a bit more covered up? And frankly, they aren’t very flattering to most every-day body types.

This site is a safe place where the costumes are appropriate and I do my best to promote modest and family friendly costumes for all occasions.

There are many ways to tone down those “adult” costumes into something a bit more appropriate. You can actually change the suggestive nature of a costume quite a bit by styling it with different accessories.

Wear them with leggings, which have more coverage than tights or pantyhose.

Skip the super high heels and boots, and go for flats, Converse All-Stars, or boots that aren’t thigh high.

Add a layered petticoat, similar to what square dancers or swing dancers wear. These are available on Amazon here or sometimes boutiques carry something a bit more slim.  This will lengthen the overall length of the costume and make it poofy and cute. You can also make your own. See also my post on an extender slip.

Layer a Mod Bod layering tee or camisole under the costume. These comfy, stretchy, and versatile tops offer many styles of coverage for cleavage, upper arms, and tummies.

I love the half tees which provide coverage up top, but eliminate the bulk at the waist and hip.  Use them under a tank, sleeveless shirt, or a top or dress that is too sheer or just plunges too low. The website shows them fitting a bit baggy, but buy them tight so they lay smoothly.

Click on the tees and camis below to choose a size, color, and brand that you like. So many options are available to modify clothing styles–it just takes a little creativity!


DownEast Layering Tee

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