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How to Refashion Leggings into Bandage Leggings

This tutorial shows the simple process of changing leggings into bandage leggings which are all the rage.  Bandage leggings are a fantastic detail which can be incorporated into many types of costumes. These are simple descriptions for Cleo De Nile, a witch, and a mummy are just a few to get you started thinking: Cleo …

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Fashion Districts Are Heaven For Costume Supplies


The fashion districts in Los Angeles and New York City are incredible resources for finding materials used in costume making.  You may be needing fabric to sew a

Refashioning Costume Items with Rit Dye

Fabric dye is a great product to use when refashioning clothing for costumes.  You can use it to take the brightness out of a color, add richness, or add additional color.  Rit Dye has helpful info on FAQs when dyeing such as what color formulas to use, how to achieve a new color over an …

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How to Refashion Skinny Pants or Jeans from Baggy Pants

Someone in your family won’t wear their pants or jeans because the pant legs aren’t skinny enough?  Never fear, REFASHIONING is here! This video shows how simple it is to convert your pants from baggy to skinny.  Not only is this great for everyday wear, but also works on costumes such as pants for a …

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