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Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume Idea

wednesday addams dress

We have tickets to an upcoming production of “The Addams Family: The Broadway Musical” and we can’t wait to see it! We are musical theater fans and enjoy the soundtrack, so I am excited to see how the songs all fit in.  The Addams Family is a fun and festive group Halloween costume idea.  Wednesday …

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The Roaring 20’s: Great Gatsby Costumes and Flapper Costumes for Women

Velvet flapper dress

This page is for all you who need a costume for a Great Gatsby, Flapper, or Roaring 20’s event.  You will see a brief overview of 1920’s costume ideas along with links to 1920’s fashion images and tutorials for hair, makeup, and 1920’s clothing. When assembling a costume, I always consider 6 magic ingredients to …

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Russian Nesting Dolls Perfect for Group or Family Costume

Russian Nesting Dolls: Click here for an adorable family costume idea using white dresses/skirts/tops as the base, then matching aprons of a brightly colored floral pattern and solid red head kerchiefs tied babushka style. Don’t forget the pink circle cheeks and exaggerated lashes drawn under the eye. Perfect for a family of girls!  

Gabriella High School Musical Halloween Costume

red sequin party dress

  Click here to go to then be sure to select the ladybug red High School Musical is on my mind because my daughter just finished playing the role of “Taylor” in High School Musical Jr.  Gabriella wears a cute red dress at the end of High School Musical when they sing, “We’re All in …

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Fashion Districts Are Heaven For Costume Supplies


The fashion districts in Los Angeles and New York City are incredible resources for finding materials used in costume making.  You may be needing fabric to sew a

Refashioning Costume Items with Rit Dye

Fabric dye is a great product to use when refashioning clothing for costumes.  You can use it to take the brightness out of a color, add richness, or add additional color.  Rit Dye has helpful info on FAQs when dyeing such as what color formulas to use, how to achieve a new color over an …

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How to Lengthen a Hem With an Extender Slip

Don’t dismiss a skirt or dress if it’s too short.  This mermaid costume was ordered on eBay so I didn’t realize that it wasn’t floor length.  I used a custom made extender slip to add the extra length needed. Here is a link to a ready-made slip that does the job and a blog post with …

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