Sully Halloween Costume Idea: Monsters University

I just had lunch with a friend who said her son wanted to be Sully, but she was having trouble finding the costume in his size, so she was going to make one. Here are some other options for Sully that are simple and no-sew. Top it off with the Sully hat or mask shown.

Easy Sully for a boy or girl:

  • Black top
  • Black pants/leggings/dress/skirt
  • Sully hat or mask
  • Sully makeup for boys: paint a figure eight over his eyes, like an eye mask, using this turquoise face paint, then outline it in purple/white/black.
  • Sully makeup for girls is shown in this simple tutorial:

Feel free to dress this look up a bit more for the girls with purple or turquoise leg warmers, arm warmers, a furry vest, sequin trim, a purple and/or turquoise tutu, or glitter spray on the hat.

A little-more-work Sully for boy or girl:

      • Use a blue sweater or sweatshirt (turn it inside out to hide logos), and glue purple felt circles onto it in the style of Sully. Pair it with with black jeans. To get really fancy, glue a large circle of turquoise or purple fur onto the belly area.
      • Find a white or light blue shirt and pants at the thrift store that you can dye the same color so that they will match as a set. You may have good luck finding scrubs, sweats, or white karate pants. Look in both the boys/men and girls/women sections and it’s fine to go up 2-3 sizes.  Even for kids, look in the the adult departments. Pants can be cut off to quickly hem them and waistbands can be pinned in.  An oversized top is not a problem, so don’t be afraid to look in many areas for possible options.
      • Be inspired by the picture below for a girl Sully.  For example, maybe you’ll run across a turquoise dress at the thrift store that would work and then you can add purple felt circles.  Or maybe you’ll find a turquoise skirt that you can pair with a purple sweater or vice versa.  The leg warmers are easy to make or buy them here.  The main point is to use the hat or mask for big effect, then get turquoise and purple into the costume in some combination. Black is okay to use where needed because it is a neutral.

Womens Aqua Fluffies - Leg Warmers

  • Don’t forget to do the makeup as described.

Order the Sully female costume here if time is short. Wear black or purple leggings for more coverage on the bottom.

Make it a fun couples or best friend costume by dressing up as Mike too!



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