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Three Amigos Kids Halloween Costume

Image by Brookie Photography

Not only is this a great group costume, but isn’t this a great image? Just so stinkin’ cute.  This is from my friend who made these costumes for her son and his cousins.  These costumes are easy to make from black sweats.  The hardest part may be waiting for the silver glitter glue to dry …

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How to Make a Toga Using a Bed Sheet or Curtains: A Quick Homemade Halloween Costume for Couples

A friend messaged me asking for some ideas on a toga costume for her and her new fiance. (Congrats Lauren!) Yes, you can make a toga using a bed sheet or curtains, if they aren’t too thick. It needs to be a fabric that is lightweight like sheets, and will drape nicely. Start with a twin …

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Chasing Fireflies: My Favorite Halloween Costume Resource

Photo courtesy Chasing Fireflies

  I discovered this company ( a few years ago when my mom passed along their print catalog she had received in the mail.  My girls loved to look through the pages at all the fanciful and interesting costumes.  I was relieved that I could trust my girls with this company’s catalog of modest costumes …

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Russian Nesting Dolls Perfect for Group or Family Costume

Russian Nesting Dolls: Click here for an adorable family costume idea using white dresses/skirts/tops as the base, then matching aprons of a brightly colored floral pattern and solid red head kerchiefs tied babushka style. Don’t forget the pink circle cheeks and exaggerated lashes drawn under the eye. Perfect for a family of girls!