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Newsies Halloween Costume Ideas

  Tonight I watched the Disney movie musical, “Newsies” with my girls.  Not sure why I had not seen it until now. It was made in 1992! 1992 people!! I have no idea why we didn’t go see it when we were in NYC a few years ago. It was all the rage. Maybe it …

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10 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Teen Girls

anya groucho marx

Teenagers can be hard.  I have a teen, a tween, and one waiting in the wings. When it comes to Halloween costumes, teens can be especially challenging.  Direct quote from my teenage daughter: “Well it’s hard to decide on a Halloween costume.  You want to dress up, but not look like you tried too hard, …

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Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume Idea

wednesday addams dress

We have tickets to an upcoming production of “The Addams Family: The Broadway Musical” and we can’t wait to see it! We are musical theater fans and enjoy the soundtrack, so I am excited to see how the songs all fit in.  The Addams Family is a fun and festive group Halloween costume idea.  Wednesday …

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Mermaid Tail for Mermaid Costume

mermaid tail

I ran across a website that makes mermaid costumes that can be used in water for play or for totally awesome mermaid costumes on land!  They are open on the bottom so that you can walk in them, though with tiny steps. They come in many different sizes for girls, teens, and adults and different …

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Frozen Costume Pattern

Frozen Costume Pattern

The Frozen costume pattern for Anna and Elsa costumes is now available!  There was one left at my local JoAnn store and here it is…    

Disney’s Frozen Elsa Costume and Elsa Makeup

  My girls ran across this Elsa makeup tutorial a few days ago and I wanted to share it with all you Frozen fans! Makeup is one of the 6 magic ingredients in a creating a custom costume, so you want to be sure you have thought about the makeup design to go with your …

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Last Minute Homemade Halloween Costume: Skeleton Shirt and Skeleton Makeup Tutorial

The countdown to Halloween is on!  Hopefully your costumes are ready to go, or maybe they’ve even been worn already to Halloween parties over the weekend.  It seems like there are some years my kids are wearing costumes for nearly a week leading up to Halloween. We used to attend a big family Halloween party …

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Refashioning Shoes Into Spectator Shoes

photo 2

  My daughter is going to be Cruella de Vil for Halloween this year.  She found some cool shoes at  Savers, one of my favorite local thrift stores.  She is young, but loves to wear high heels, so this chunky heel is a bit easier to walk in for her.   I refashioned these 30s …

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How to Make a Toga Using a Bed Sheet or Curtains: A Quick Homemade Halloween Costume for Couples

A friend messaged me asking for some ideas on a toga costume for her and her new fiance. (Congrats Lauren!) Yes, you can make a toga using a bed sheet or curtains, if they aren’t too thick. It needs to be a fabric that is lightweight like sheets, and will drape nicely. Start with a twin …

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Chasing Fireflies: My Favorite Halloween Costume Resource

Photo courtesy Chasing Fireflies

  I discovered this company ( a few years ago when my mom passed along their print catalog she had received in the mail.  My girls loved to look through the pages at all the fanciful and interesting costumes.  I was relieved that I could trust my girls with this company’s catalog of modest costumes …

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