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Costume Design Process: Bullets Over Broadway

A Facebook friend from my college days at Brigham Young University  is the associate producer of a new Broadway musical opening in March called “Bullets Over Broadway.”  He shared this clip of Bullets’ costume designer William Ivey Long who designed costumes for more than 60 Broadway shows over the last 30+ years including The Producers, Hairspray, Nine, Crazy …

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Costume ideas for Oklahoma! the Musical

Eatons Cover 1906

My daughters are in their school play which is the shortened and adapted version of Oklahoma! by Rodgers and Hammerstein.  The costume design along with hair and makeup ideas are getting underway.  In my research on this Edwardian time period, I ran across a fascinating retail catalog from 1906.  This 432 page peek into history is …

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Old Age Stage Makeup Tutorials


It’s surprising how many shows end up having at least one character in aged makeup, so I thought I’d post a few tutorials showing old age stage makeup, including the last one which shows a simple technique for making the hair look gray.  They each show the techniques slightly different–some are better at showing the …

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How to Make a Toga Using a Bed Sheet or Curtains: A Quick Homemade Halloween Costume for Couples

A friend messaged me asking for some ideas on a toga costume for her and her new fiance. (Congrats Lauren!) Yes, you can make a toga using a bed sheet or curtains, if they aren’t too thick. It needs to be a fabric that is lightweight like sheets, and will drape nicely. Start with a twin …

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Shrek or Fiona Homemade Halloween Costume

Wendy's Shrek ears

  Wendy’s fast food chain is offering Shrek toys in their kids meals. If you ask for the ears, you have a great start to a Halloween costume for Shrek OR Princess Fiona. For Shrek: add a muslin shirt or white sweatshirt that you distress and age a bit,

Refashioning Costume Items with Rit Dye

Fabric dye is a great product to use when refashioning clothing for costumes.  You can use it to take the brightness out of a color, add richness, or add additional color.  Rit Dye has helpful info on FAQs when dyeing such as what color formulas to use, how to achieve a new color over an …

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How to Secure a Wig Using Pin Curls

When wearing a wig as part of a costume, you want to make sure it is secure.  Pin curls provide a foundation for the hair pins or bobby pins to attach to.  This tutorial shows the proper method for securing a wig:

How to Refashion a Shirt into a Cardigan for Halloween or Theater Costumes

Making a cardigan out of a shirt is super easy. This comes in handy if you are doing costumes for a production with orphans like “Annie” or “Oliver”.  You can turn these cardigans into vests if needed by simply cutting the sleeves off around the arm holes. These cardigans also work for a 50’s or …

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