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Newsies Halloween Costume Ideas

  Tonight I watched the Disney movie musical, “Newsies” with my girls.  Not sure why I had not seen it until now. It was made in 1992! 1992 people!! I have no idea why we didn’t go see it when we were in NYC a few years ago. It was all the rage. Maybe it …

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Halloween Costume Idea: DIY LEGO Costume

Photo courtesy of

Everything is Awesome, Everything is Cool When You Are Part of a Team! –Lego Movie The LEGO head or mask for a LEGO costume does not seem to be readily available from retailers, so you are in for a few hours of DIY if you want a Lego costume. The couple from their tutorial here said they …

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Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume Idea

wednesday addams dress

We have tickets to an upcoming production of “The Addams Family: The Broadway Musical” and we can’t wait to see it! We are musical theater fans and enjoy the soundtrack, so I am excited to see how the songs all fit in.  The Addams Family is a fun and festive group Halloween costume idea.  Wednesday …

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Three Amigos Kids Halloween Costume

Image by Brookie Photography

Not only is this a great group costume, but isn’t this a great image? Just so stinkin’ cute.  This is from my friend who made these costumes for her son and his cousins.  These costumes are easy to make from black sweats.  The hardest part may be waiting for the silver glitter glue to dry …

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Minecraft is Going to Be Hot for Boys Halloween Costumes

minecraft head

I have all girls, so my mind isn’t geared to think of costumes for boys as much, so I am always looking out for good boy costume ideas.   I was at my daughter’s karate studio for their Halloween party today and saw a boy in this green hoodie, holding the sword, and wearing Minecraft …

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How to Make a Toga Using a Bed Sheet or Curtains: A Quick Homemade Halloween Costume for Couples

A friend messaged me asking for some ideas on a toga costume for her and her new fiance. (Congrats Lauren!) Yes, you can make a toga using a bed sheet or curtains, if they aren’t too thick. It needs to be a fabric that is lightweight like sheets, and will drape nicely. Start with a twin …

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“What Does The Fox Say” Group Halloween Costume or Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

What does the fox say hat

You have to watch this music video if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s clean and safe for all ages and though the video seems a bit bizarre, it has gone viral and the song is c-a-t-c-h-y-.  My daughter’s karate studio plays the song for their warmups, so it must be legit… I already did …

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Monster High Frankie Stein Halloween Costume Idea and Makeup Tutorial

Frankie Stein Monster High Doll Makeup

This morning my daughter showed me a favorite channel on YouTube called KittiesMama where an adorable 8 year old girl does Monster High Dolls makeup tutorials (see below),  so I was inspired to post pics from the year we did a Monster High Group costume for our family. I prefer to use regular clothing that will …

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Russian Nesting Dolls Perfect for Group or Family Costume

Russian Nesting Dolls: Click here for an adorable family costume idea using white dresses/skirts/tops as the base, then matching aprons of a brightly colored floral pattern and solid red head kerchiefs tied babushka style. Don’t forget the pink circle cheeks and exaggerated lashes drawn under the eye. Perfect for a family of girls!  

Police Officer Halloween Costume Ideas

photo 4

My friend told me her daughter was going to be a police officer for Halloween and later that day I saw these police hats at Target: For a unisex costume:

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