Newsies Halloween Costume Ideas


Tonight I watched the Disney movie musical, “Newsies” with my girls.  Not sure why I had not seen it until now.

It was made in 1992! 1992 people!!

I have no idea why we didn’t go see it when we were in NYC a few years ago. It was all the rage. Maybe it was sold out, although I didn’t even try to get tickets.  I guess a bunch of boys in a show didn’t seem appealing.

I was wrong.

I liked Newsies for 3 reasons.

1. The songs are memorable, even the beautiful ballad, Santa Fe.

2. My theater-performer-teen mentioned that there is something really attractive about teen boys that can actually dance. I agree.

3. The Newsies’ costumes were uniform-like, yet all different, and I like seeing the distinctions.

So I’m a single mom with all girls.  I am really digging doing a family Halloween costume or group Halloween costume with a bunch of girls in Newsies attire.  Something about that really appeals. And it doesn’t seem difficult.  You pretty much only need a trip to the local thrift store.

Newsies Halloween Costume Ideas:

-Hair: Slightly unkempt, center parts, longer top layers are good. For girls, 2 side braids, one French braid down the back, low bun centered or on the side.  Girls don’t leave all your hair down–it’s too much with the cap, but don’t tuck it all up in your cap or you’ll look bald. Not good.

-Accessories: A Newsboy cap is a must, suspenders optional, socks, combat style ankle boots in neutral colors–the more distressed the better

-Makeup:  Natural look with possibly a bit of dirt smudges

-Top: A couple of layers looks good.  Use a button-up henley, plaid, thermal, and/or a button up vest.  Look in the boys’ or mens department for vests and you can also make your own by cutting the sleeves off of a button up shirt or suit coat

-Pants: Find some boys’ or mens trousers that fit decently.  Dockers style twill pants are good. In the movie there are many different pant lengths, so you could cut them off at the knee or just below the knee if desired. In the Broadway show, they seem to wear more ankle length pants.

-Props: Messenger style canvas knapsack. It’s your trick-or-treat bag! You could even stock it with a few papes.

Here are a few videos to inspire you!  A Newsies costume is also a great costume idea for Historical week, Book Week, or a teen costume idea for both guys and gals. It fits the bill of being comfy and not looking like you tried too hard, and it’s cute for the girls! Have fun creating this newsboy costume!

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