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Fashion Districts Are Heaven For Costume Supplies


The fashion districts in Los Angeles and New York City are incredible resources for finding materials used in costume making.  You may be needing fabric to sew a

Refashioning Costume Items with Rit Dye

Fabric dye is a great product to use when refashioning clothing for costumes.  You can use it to take the brightness out of a color, add richness, or add additional color.  Rit Dye has helpful info on FAQs when dyeing such as what color formulas to use, how to achieve a new color over an …

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How to Make a No Sew Beaded Fringed Shirt

Fringing a shirt for a costume is super simple and easy.  If you want to get fancy, you can add beads.   Fringe is a nice detail on a 60’s hippie chick costume, or anything western or Native American.

How to Refashion a Shirt into a Cardigan for Halloween or Theater Costumes

Making a cardigan out of a shirt is super easy. This comes in handy if you are doing costumes for a production with orphans like “Annie” or “Oliver”.  You can turn these cardigans into vests if needed by simply cutting the sleeves off around the arm holes. These cardigans also work for a 50’s or …

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