How to Refashion a Shirt into a Cardigan for Halloween or Theater Costumes

Making a cardigan out of a shirt is super easy. This comes in handy if you are doing costumes for a production with orphans like “Annie” or “Oliver”.  You can turn these cardigans into vests if needed by simply cutting the sleeves off around the arm holes. These cardigans also work for a 50’s or 60’s look for a Halloween costume or in a show like “Grease” or  “Hairspray”.  They are great for large ensemble casts because they are quick, easy, and inexpensive to crank out when refashioned from used shirts or sweaters.  These cardigans can be  made in many ways, some even without sewing.  Here are three videos that show different methods of creating a cardigan.

This tutorial shows a super simple no-sew, no-button cardigan:

This one shows how to add a bit more detail:

and this one shows how to make a cardigan with buttons:

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