Shrek or Fiona Homemade Halloween Costume

Shrek the Musical DVDWendy's Shrek ears


Wendy’s fast food chain is offering Shrek toys in their kids meals. If you ask for the ears, you have a great start to a Halloween costume for Shrek OR Princess Fiona.

For Shrek: add a muslin shirt or white sweatshirt that you distress and age a bit, a rope or braided leather belt tied loosely at the waist, and make leggings out of fleece that is brown or plaid lime green or you may be able to find brown sweatpants–black could work too.

Refashion a brown sweater by cutting off the sleeves at the arm holes to make it sleeveless and crop it so that it hits right near the chest area. Fold the hem under and stitch it down or glue it so that the raw edge doesn’t unravel. Tuck all your hair up into a lime green beanie cap that covers your ears and matches the ear colors to make it look like you are bald and add the ears. Or get a bald cap and paint it the same color green as your hands and face. Get acrylic craft paint that matches the green cap, or custom mix it by adding a bit of brown or yellow to a lime green until you get the color needed. Paint a thin layer of this paint on your face and neck. Add a pair of brown boots or slipper boots and off you go!

For Fiona, you can do either the green dress or the wedding dress. Find a dark green dress at a  thrift store or a leftover prom dress, preferable velvet , then add gold trim. If you want to be Fiona the Bride, look for a periwinkle prom dress or an old white wedding dress.   For a little girl, look in the dress section of the thrift store for either a green dress, periwinkle colored dress, white dress. Add  gold trim or other embellishment as you wish.  The dress does not have to look exactly like Fiona’s, just use one of the colors mentioned,  because the red hair and ears will easily identify you.  Splurge on a Fiona Wig which comes with the ogre ears and a crown or use an auburn colored wig that is braided into a single braid, fastened at the end with gold trim, and and add a gold plastic crown from the dollar store along with the ears from Wendy’s.

My daughter was just in “Shrek: The Musical”— it is such a fun and meaningful show.  Can’t wait to see it on DVD!

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