Rosie Riveter or Lucille Ball Hair Updo Hair Instructions for Halloween Costumes

Well someone at my house keeps changing her mind about what she wants to be for Halloween. Now it’s Rosie Riveter.  That’s pretty simple: blue shirt, red bandana, jeans, and boots. She wants to dress up, but not look like she tried too hard, and she wants comfort after years of wearing costumes with wigs, makeup, and multiple accessories and pieces. It’s tough for teens to find that perfect something. This step-by-step guide will come in handy, along with the makeup tutorial below.  Until she changes her mind. Again.

Update: She stuck with Rosie the Riveter and put her own spin on Rosie with fingerless gloves, leggings, and Converse All-Stars. Rosie 2 Rosie 3 Rosie

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