How to Refashion Leggings into Bandage Leggings

This tutorial shows the simple process of changing leggings into bandage leggings which are all the rage.  Bandage leggings are a fantastic detail which can be incorporated into many types of costumes. These are simple descriptions for Cleo De Nile, a witch, and a mummy are just a few to get you started thinking:

  • Cleo De Nile from Monster High:  These bandage leggings are a great look to use for Cleo. Use white leggings and an oversized white t-shirt (its fine if it has a logo on it) and dye them a mustard gold to get the right color.  Wear the leggings over black tights.  Add a sleeveless turquoise tunic top that has some type of criss-cross detail. Lay the dyed t-shirt out flat and cut the t-shirt from side to side in 1.5″ strips, starting at the bottom, and working your way up to the bottom of the arm holes.  You should have rings of fabric. Snip them on one side where the seam is, and you will have long strips of fabric.  Use these strips of fabric to tie around your arms or biceps, mummy style.  Add gold bangles, a long black wig, and strappy gold sandals.
  • Witch: Pair bandage leggings with a LBD (little black dress), boots, a cape, and add a witch hat that you embellish with silver sparkle fabric, ribbon, or tulle.  If you don’t have a cape,  make a tulle poof on the hat and leave a 1′-2′ tail of tulle so that it trails down the back.
  • Mummy: Make bandage leggings from white or cream leggings.  You can add an aged look to the edges of the strips by stippling them with  brown shoe polish that has the sponge applicator, or use craft paint and a small sponge and brush the edges lightly with a thin coat of tan or mustard yellow paint.  Add a long sleeve white t-shirt that fits tight through the arms.  Refashion the tee with fringe at the bottom, then randomly cut strips into the sleeves (in one layer only and perpendicular to the length of the sleeve), to suggest strips of fabric.  You could also  wear a short, white/cream sleeveless shift-style dress over the leggings.  Add arm warmers which you can make by cutting the foot part off of a pair of white cotton knee high socks. Use hot glue or craft glue and fold 1/3″ of the cut end under so that it doesn’t unravel. Cut slits in the arm warmers, as described for the long sleeve tee, to give the effect of mummy strips.

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