Chasing Fireflies: My Favorite Halloween Costume Resource


I discovered this company (chasing-fireflies.com) a few years ago when my mom passed along their print catalog she had received in the mail.  My girls loved to look through the pages at all the fanciful and interesting costumes.  I was relieved that I could trust my girls with this company’s catalog of modest costumes because so many costume resources display the cutesy “adult” costumes right alongside the costumes for kids.

Wow–was I hooked! Chasing Fireflies’ costumes look incredible.  They have a 75 page catalog showing a large assortment of family friendly, age appropriate boutique costumes.  Prices range from $29.50 for an infant pirate costume to a wickedly gorgeous evil queen costume that goes from a girl’s size 6 ($98.50) up to a women’s size 24/26 for $148.50.  This may seem like an investment, but that’s exactly what it is.  These costumes are built to last well past the first Halloween party and depending on the costume, many include 2 to 6 pieces, such as a mask, cape, belt or leg warmers so you get big bang for your buck.

Though I have not purchased a costume from Chasing Fireflies it seems that they are much higher quality costumes because of the attention to detail and design.  They have trims, embellishments, and fabrics that are not available on most costumes from typical retailers.  The hems look properly folded over and finished which keeps them from shredding and running. Many of the girl costume hems are even finished off with feathers, lace, or sequin trim.  Some costumes such as the police office, knight, and firefighter include personalization.  Multiple accessories available including shoes, jewelry, or treat bags really take the costume over the top!

I ran across the following two Chasing Fireflies Videos on YouTube and though they are from a few seasons ago, it shows a sampling of their product in action.  I love the behind-the-scenes look at things, so it’s kind of fun to sneak into their photo shoots…

My Top 5 Costumes From Chasing Fireflies (though I have many favorites)

Photo courtesy Chasing Fireflies

Photo courtesy Chasing Fireflies

Photo courtesy Chasing Fireflies

girl ninja

Photo Courtesy Chasing Fireflies

Photo Courtesy Chasing Fireflies

Photo Courtesy Chasing Fireflies

cha cha cha dancer

Photo Courtesy Chasing Fireflies

evil queen girl

Photo Courtesy Chasing Fireflies

evil queen woman

Photo Courtesy Chasing Fireflies

Baby Prisoner: Who can resist the playfulness of this costume with the mug shot ID  “Play Pen 10-31” on the front and mesh tattoo sleeves.  Ha! It also includes attached shoes and a cap, so baby is set to go head to toe!   Available in sizes  6m/12 months up to 18m/2 years.  So fun for a double-trouble twins costume. 

Mermaid: This bling of a mermaid costume is unlike any that you will see in stores with its heavily sequined and fish line organza mermaid tail.  It is offered in 2 color combos: turquoise/green or hot pink/silver.  This costume is available in infant sizes 6/12 months up to girls size 12, and even has a matching 2 piece doll costume available. What little girl wouldn’t want a matching costume for their doll? Heaven.

Ninja: My karate daughter has been begging for this red and black costume ever since she first saw it last year.  This is a super sleek, yet feminine girl ninja costume that goes up to a size 16.   You can tell from the picture that the fabric is a decent weight so it hangs nicely.  Chasing Fireflies offers a coordinating boy ninja costume up to a size 14 for big or little brother and his is a 6 piece costume that even comes with a sword.  Your family would be oh-so-cool in this duo of ninjas.

Cha-Cha-Cha Dancer: Just looking at this costume makes me so happy I want to get up and dance! The bright colors are so striking for fall and the ruffled sleeves and tiered high-low hem have some serious va-va-voom to them.  You MUST get the fruit headpiece with this costume—what a showstopper! I thought about making this headpiece until I priced the costly plastic fruit at the craft store and I realized that Chasing Fireflies was offering a bargain.  Available up to girls size 16.  Can’t you just hear the music already?

Evil Sea Queen: This turquoise costume dress is out of this world gorgeous.  It features a mermaid silhouette of panne velvet and metallic fabric with a ruffled peplum, and oversized sleeves and stand-up collar, reminiscent of a Renaissance queen. Included is an ornate golden crown and it comes a range of sizes from girls 6 up to women’s 24/26.  Perfect for the conspiring Mommy and me pair.

There are so many more exquisite, unique, and extra special costumes offered by Chasing Fireflies, you must click here to take a look at their website or click here to send for their catalog.  I found that compared to their catalog, chasing-fireflies.com has many more products available such as additional accessories and a larger assortment of men and women’s costumes, which do include a few  “adult” costumes (heads up for the kiddos).  You just may find that special costume for the hard-to-shop-for-tween, an infant costume too cute to resist, or a family costume that fits the bill and makes everyone happy like the zombie football players and zombie cheerleaders.  I know you will find the perfect accessories to enhance a costume you already have.  If you are simply “window-shopping”, they are a fabulous resource for costume ideas and inspiration. Become a fan of Chasing Fireflies–with costumes for infants, toddlers, kids, adults, 18” dolls and even pets.   Act now for delivery before Halloween!


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