Top 5 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Costumes From Mass Retailers

I am not generally a food snob, but I am kind of a costume snob.  I do not like costumes that come in a bag.

Every year as my family plans for Halloween, we do not shop the costume aisles of the local discount store. Maybe for a few years when my kids were little, but the costume bug bit me bad about 6 years ago and I’ve never looked back.  Sure I would hit the after-Halloween sales looking for some bargains for the dress- up bin, but even then I realized I didn’t like those cheap costumes in a bag.


I provide plenty of costume ideas on my blog that are from mass retailers.  They can be used for inspiration or for those who need it NOW. For sure we all go through crazy times in our lives when costumes need to be quick and we don’t have time to go all out.  And occasionally you might even find some decent costumes in a bag.  I won’t judge.

Here are the top 5 reasons I don’t like costumes from mass retailers:

1.  They are cheaply made.  The fabric is cheap and doesn’t last long before you have shredding and tears in the seams.  They don’t have finished hems.  They are typically wrinkled and impossible to iron without damaging the paper thin fabric.  They don’t often last longer than Halloween night after being worn for a party or two and then all day at school, and then finally the big kahuna of trick-or-treating.  You  may be able to get some wear out of these costumes for pretend play, but they usually turn limp and wilty.

2.  It is likely that someone else will show up in the exact same costume.  Costume manufactures  often sell the same costume to multiple different retailers including online costume suppliers.  I don’t mind showing up as the same character as someone else, but it’s not so fun to find an exact twin.

3.  They can be relatively expensive for what they are: Something that your child or you may not wear again.  See reason #1.  They don’t typically come with a wig, accessories, or shoes.  So after you’ve spent $20-$30 on the costume only, you still have some more items to purchase, including a trick-or-treat bag.

4.  If you wait until the last minute, the pickins’ are slim.  You are limited to what the store has in stock and that’s no fun to be disappointed when you finally get your kids to the store with you and they can’t find a costume in the right size.

5. It’s boring.  Unoriginal.  You don’t get to experience the creative process! I believe that everyone has creativity inside of them waiting to be unlocked.  It is so fun to hit the thrift store to find that perfect denim jumper which could be the beginning of a minion costume.  That black and white striped skirt that would be perfect for a pirate, or that donated dance costume that glitters like a fairy costume.  Put the magic 5 ingredients together, and you have an amazing, original costume that you created yourself!

My ebook, “How to Design and Create a Halloween Costume” describes the magic 5 ingredients in greater detail and will inspire you to put together your own costume this year.  If you get stuck in the creative process, contact me on The Costume Resource Facebook page and I can send you some resources and ideas–I’d love to help you create your own costume!

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