White Witch Halloween Costume Idea

white witch

White Witch Halloween Costume Idea Photo by Erin Smith of Archive Costumes, Orem, Utah

My friend at Archive Costumes of Orem, Utah posted this picture on their Facebook page of a white witch costume that is available for rental and I fell in love with it!

First, it’s a great photo in a beautiful local park.

Second, I love the hat. I am a sucker for hats.  I haven’t made tons of original hats, but I love to refashion and embellish existing hats.  The broom is pretty cool too.

Third, I love the idea of a witch dressed in white.  It seems so updated.  So fresh.  So youthful and kind. Black is so normal. So predictable. Pink is too Glinda.  White (it might be off white)  is just right. Romantic even.  White may be on my mind because Read the rest of this entry »

How to Make Fake Tattoo Sleeve

My daughters love to watch Bethany Mota videos on YouTube.  She is fun, friendly, and has a great variety of tips, recipes, and DIY projects and crafts.  My daughter showed me this one tonight and I really liked her DIY fake tattoo tights which could easily work for a fake tattoo sleeve as well.  Start watching at 2:40 for the short but clever method.

This video highlights 5 quick and easy Halloween costumes ideas which include:

-Biker Chick

-Lilo from “Lilo and Stitch”

-Red Coat from “Pretty Little Liars”

-Kim Possible from the Disney Channel

-“Error 404 Tshirt” for those who want to be festive but not really go all out in costume

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Mermaid Tail for Mermaid Costume

I ran across a website that makes mermaid costumes that can be used in water for play or for totally awesome mermaid costumes on land!  They are open on the bottom so that you can walk in them, though with tiny steps. They come in many different sizes for girls, teens, and adults and different colors and fabrics.  Click here for more info; click on the above picture to purchase on Amazon.  Happy swimming!

Harry Potter Costumes at Warner Brothers Studio Museum in Burbank

We recently visited Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank, California.  My brother-in-law’s brother works as a curator for the museum exhibits and in the archives.  We got a behind-the-scenes sneak peak of the museum’s new “75 Years of Batman” exhibit (no photos allowed at that moment! ).  We also spent a bunch of time upstairs in the museum ogling over the many costumes worn in the Harry Potter films.  You can visit the museum as part of the Warner Brothers Studio Tour.  Any Harry Potter fans out there can you please help me label these photos by commenting below!  The costumes were P-R-E-T-T-Y C-O-O-L.  Sorry for the blurries.  I wish I had lugged around my nice Canon SLR camera instead of only my iPhone camera.  I had no idea the treat we were in for when we stopped by to visit a relative at his “office”…

photo 5

Harry Potter: Photo 1

Harry Potter: Photo 2

Harry Potter: Photo 3

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Frozen Costume Pattern

The Frozen costume pattern for Anna and Elsa costumes is now available!  There was one left at my local JoAnn store and here it is…

Frozen Costume Pattern



Disney’s Maleficent Costume

I was reluctant to see the new “Maleficent” movie by Disney because at first it seemed like some of the other fairy tale movie remakes out there, told from a darker side for a more mature audience.  However, “Maleficent”  is not one of those.  With really beautiful fantasy settings and interesting twists in the storyline, it was a sweet film. And thank you Disney, for not spilling cleavage everywhere. I realized Maleficent is definitely going to be added to the list for popular women’s Halloween costumes and cosplay this year.

Today I’ll feature pieces needed for the title role, Maleficent.  More on Aurora and the cute fairies to follow.

To give you a head start on your Maleficent costume, here are a few highlights.  Click on the pics to take you right to their listing.  They have some great accessories including the Maleficent horns, staff, and cape if you already have a great slinky fitting black dress.  Congrats to you if you can look as good as Angelina Jolie in your slinky black dress!  Her cheekbones had to have CGI on them, they were just too angular–I mean her ears were elongated too…


Maleficent Costume. Click for details


Maleficent Horns for Maleficent Costume

Maleficent Staff

Towards the end of the film, she is wearing a black outfit of pants with her wings which you can easily add to some items you may already own.

corset top

Maleficent corset top

Black faux leather leggings

Maleficent wings


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Disney’s Frozen Elsa Costume and Elsa Makeup


My girls ran across this Elsa makeup tutorial a few days ago and I wanted to share it with all you Frozen fans! Makeup is one of the 6 magic ingredients in a creating a custom costume, so you want to be sure you have thought about the makeup design to go with your costume.  She does a great job of explaining how to do Elsa Makeup including a helpful tip on how to make your eyes pop with false eyelashes.  Who knew you could use 2 pair on each eye? Slip on an Elsa wig and a beautiful sparkling blue gown and your Elsa Halloween costume will be the big hit this year!

To learn about the other 5 magic ingredients in creating a costume, purchase my ebook, “How to Design and Create a Halloween Costume” .  Available for viewing on nearly all electronic devices with this Kindle App.

Costume Design Process: Bullets Over Broadway

A Facebook friend from my college days at Brigham Young University  is the associate producer of a new Broadway musical opening in March called “Bullets Over Broadway.”  He shared this clip of Bullets’ costume designer William Ivey Long who designed costumes for more than 60 Broadway shows over the last 30+ years including The Producers, Hairspray, Nine, Crazy for You, Guys and Dolls, Cinderella, and Young Frankenstein.

Mr. Long shares a glimpse of the theater costume design process in under 3 minutes:

Here’s a summary of his words and some basic steps for the costume designer:

1. Get a copy of the script

2. Meet with the director and ask lots of questions: Read the rest of this entry »

Costume ideas for Oklahoma! the Musical

My daughters are in their school play which is the shortened and adapted version of Oklahoma! by Rodgers and Hammerstein.  The costume design along with hair and makeup ideas are getting underway.  In my research on this Edwardian time period, I ran across a fascinating retail catalog from 1906.  This 432 page peek into history is for the T. Eaton Company Spring and Summer 1906 Catalogue. The Fall and Winter 1906 Catalogue begins at page 221.

Eatons Cover 1906

Not only is this a superb resource for Edwardian period costumes but it also shows hairstyles for men, women, and children of the time.  The first 100+ pages of each season’s catalog are filled with apparel and accessories for men, women, and children including dresses, walking suits, petticoats and other underclothing, shoes, hats, & night clothing.  It is unbelievable to me to see the hundreds of items available.

I can’t fathom a retailer from 100 years ago having such a huge selection of goods because the catalogue also offers fabric, notions, watches, linens, hair goods, silverware, knives… Looks like it was the Amazon.com of the Edwardian Period!

I picked out just a small handful of images to wet your appetite, but if you love this time period or need additional costume ideas for the 1900s, be sure to click through to the full catalog.

Click here for the full screen version of the catalog.

Take a look at these fabulous items for sale…Could we ever go back to these days of such fine fashion? eatons womens shirt waist suits

eaton spring summer dresseseatons childresn white lawn dresses Read the rest of this entry »

Glitter Shoes for Disney’s Frozen Elsa Costume

You can bet characters from Disney’s “Frozen” will be huge for cosplay and Halloween this year!  I will focus on many aspects of their costumes throughout 2014.  My daughters are already planning their Anna and Elsa costumes for Halloween.  I’m kicking off the “Frozen” posts with this link here to a tutorial showing how to glitter shoes for Elsa using Mod Podge and glitter.  This quick and easy process can turn any shoes, boots, or sandals into glittering goodness!  It’s pretty easy to find glitter shoes for little girls, but it becomes more difficult for adults. Using this process you can customize any shoes with exactly the glitter color you need.

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