Girls Halloween Costume Ideas at H & M

Retail stores abound with Halloween costume ideas! Think “outside the box”, or outside of the Halloween section. These ideas aren’t the typical “costume-in-a-bag”, but the really awesome thing is that you have clothing that is wearable afterwards, trendy, and not relegated to the dress-up box.  These photos are meant to inspire you as a starting off point, so rev up your creativity engine…


  • A little lamb with black leggings, black long sleeve tee, cream leg warmers, and a cute lamb hat
  • A bunny with a pink poofy skirt and tights, long sleeve cream tee, bunny ears, and pink ribbon belt instead of black
  • photo 6Obviously a zebra. Tons of options for what to put with it,  but stick with black and white and maybe a touch of hot pink somewhere: black and white stripe leggings or black leggings, a black poofy skirt with a hot pink bow for some color, a black and white tulle tutu, leg warmers made out of zebra print fabric (sew a simple tube out of a stretchy fabric or put elastic at the top to hold them up), ears made out of fur or craft foam that have a bit of pink in them.  Attach the ears to a headband and finish it off with a tuft of black fur.

photo 7

  • Pretty cool cheetah pants, eh?  Like the zebra, you have tons of options for what to put with it, just keep the brown and black color scheme.  For a super sleek look, wear all black so the cheetahs really stand out. For the top: a black leotard, a brown sweater, brown or black long tee, a brown or black leather jacket, a tunic or vest made from cheetah print or brown/black fur to layer with, or a cheetah print coat. Pair it with a brown and black tulle tutu, a brown poofy skirt, or a circle skirt made from cheetah fabric edged in black fur.  Make or purchase cheetah ears or form an oversized bow and glue it to a headband standing up so that the sides of the bow create an ear look. I saw about 4 different versions of cat ears at Claire’s today that would work, but I especially liked the ears made of gold medal with rhinestone bling.

photo 8

  • Purchase this sweet top and dotted leggings and fancify it by adding a pink tutu and a cute coonskin hat or raccoon ears with a pink bow to match the shirt. Or just purchase the shirt and pair it with a dark brown skirt and leggings or thick tights.

Unfortunately I didn’t see much in the boys section of H & M that inspired me for a Halloween costume.  But I will soon be posting an adorable superhero pattern to sew or no-sew, so stay tuned!



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